Eric Merced

Bigfoot (Again)

Had fun with the first sketch of Bigfoot I did a while back, so I wanted to explore the character a bit more.

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Old Favorites: Post-it Art

One of my favorite things to have done in art is drawing on Post it notes. I think this grew out of my Sketch Card days since the size of the final art is somewhat similar.

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Old Favorites: Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange

I've been posting some of my old favorite pieces on Instagram. These are the first 2.

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Traditional Art

I've been drawing digitally full on for a very long time. Starting and finishing all of my images on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

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I love Bigfoot and everything having to do with the elusive creature. I've spent countless hours wasting my time watching video after video on youtube, hoping for that one guy that finally finds him.

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